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I bought an Arizona Arnold Palmer Half and Half Lite today at a grocery store in Chicago. When I got home and went to open it I noticed the label was plastic which is not normal for this drink.

I peeled the plastic label off only to discover a Arizona Green Tea Lemonade Lite drink. I just want to know if this relabeling of a drink is done often or if it's even legal? Doesn't this fall under false advertising?

Relabeling food items are putting consumers in danger for food allergy reasons alone. Will probably never buy any Arizona products again because of this.

This person wrote the review because of "false labeling" of arizona beverages drink from Arizona Beverages and attached a photo. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $1 and wants Arizona Beverages to offer any options to resolve the issue.

The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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This is ridiculously hilarious! You peeled the label off and are demanding a dollar back.

Ever hear of unused? Sanitized? Recycling?

People like you is what this world doesn't need these days... SMH.

to Chris #1378978

It's only because it didn't happen to you . You are the typical decay of society. Discrediting someone's opinion SHAKING MY HEAD AT YOU CHRIS

to Gina #1432258

Had one of these cans myself and it was full of Arizona half and half but in one of the relabled cans. Even though i had no problem with it my father went absolutely ballistic over it and called the company screaming

to Chris #1441646

Buying something that ain't what you paid for, businesses that mislead the public purposely can be in for big law suits . Justice my man

to Chris #1449885

Hey Chris, this is a serious complaint - it's called food allergies, false advertising and misleading the general public. I'm sure it's not about the Buck

Norwalk, Connecticut, United States #1267517

SAME EXACT thing happened to me too - except the guy had the hook in his foot - not hand!!!


It's still the arnold palmer, they just used unused can for old drinks they don't sell anymore and rewrapped the label. The can was never used and still contains the arnold palmer


The same thing happened to me too. I peeled back the label and it was a Soda Shaq Blueberry cream soda can.

but it had the Arnold Palmer tea inside.

Also the pull tab on the can looked a bit dirty, and I tried to clean it off but it looked stained? I'm not particularly happy with this outcome.

Oneida, New York, United States #1103134

The same thing happened to us but the can was in Chinese writing..

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