Arizona Beverages - Feeling sick to the stomach after drinking Arizona green tea

Arizona Beverages - Feeling sick to the stomach after drinking Arizona green tea
I was sick earlier this week on 2/13/2018 and 2/17/2018 after drinking some of my Gallon Arizona green tea with Ginseng and Honey. I experienced severe diarrhea and stomach cramping 4 to 6 hours after drinking this. I notice the weird particles in my cup but wasnt sure what it was. I have not had anymore since. Please give answers. I will take it to my dr to get tested. NW
Gallon container, first noticed odd taste then saw a brown floating mass in the jug. Poured it into clear glass bowl and saw a lot of brown mucus slime. Truly disgusting. Poured it back into bottle to return to Publix. Not the first time I've noticed an odd flavor but...
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Arizona Beverages - Nasty gelatina like substance in my tea

I was pouring some Arizona southern style sweet tea into a glass whe a flop of this gelatin like substance came through the spout. It’s huge, like a 2” diameter. It’s only been opened for 2 days and kept in the fridge since opened. The experation date is not until October 7, 2019.
Then you screwed with my diabetes with high fructose corn syrup! Thanks a lot corporate greed! Only listed on the back ingredients.
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Arizona Beverages - Stomach flu symptoms

My husband thought he had the 24 hour flu bug because of severe stomach pain and diarrhea along with chills. He felt better after a full day and then a couple days later had some more iced tea and got sick again. Really disappointed and won’t risk buying the tea again.

Arizona Beverages - Slime and brown goo in my Arizona tea ewww

Im drinking, second drink i csn ferl a thickness, im sure i swallowed the first gulp but spit it out as soon as i realized it wasnt right .. then i poured it down the sink and died inside whrn i saw the thick slime .. wth..
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I had a bottle of Arizona sweet tea from the dollar store while I was working, and when I got to the bottom of it, I felt something gross enter my mouth and spit it out. I have no clue what it was! And now, almost 6 hours later, I'm feeling sick! I am not buying your...
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I have been drinking one 8oz cup of Arizona fruit punch every day at work during lunch for about a month now. This juice is good, however, almost immediately after drinking this juice I will have loose stools, like a diarrhea. No abdominal pain or vomiting. It's not...
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Arizona Beverages - Dead fly in drink
It was my first time trying the ice tea and I poured out my drink into a cup of ice (because it was warm) and there was a dead fly which came straight out of the bottle and landed on the ice. Safe to say I am extremely unhappy. It happened 22/10/17
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Arizona Beverages - Black slime stuff in the sweet ice tea

My mom bought a sweet tea took a drink and got a mouth full of black slime . Yes I have tried contacting them and only got voicemail and have not received a call back.