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As much as I love the Arnold Palmer Half & Half, I have to complain about this. I was about to enjoy a can of iced tea, when I felt something jelly like on my tongue.

I went upstairs to my kitchen sink and dumped a little bit out, wondering what it was. When I dumped it out, I saw bits and pieces of black stuff, and I was unsure of what it was. Curious to see if there was more, I dumped out the entirety of the can. There was TONS of it.

Huge globs of this "black stuff". I decided to look it up to see what it was, and it turns out, it was mold.

I'm disgusted. This has been going on for years and they need to do something to at least lower the amount of times this happens

Review about: Arizona Beverages Arnold Palmer Half And Half Drink.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Omg I’m drinking one right now and I saw a ton of black specks! So I decided to look it up and this is what I found!!

Are you kidding me, this is absolutely disgusting!! There is soooo much in this can it’s unbelievable!


There are little specks of stuff I relized after a little chunk of something hard went down my throat


This black mold was at the bottom of my Arnold palmer jug and it tasted disgusting

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