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Completely disgusted!!! I'm a lab tech who grows cultures and try to warn parents about food packaging that could possibly hold mold inside I never thought that today I would see my child spit out this mold from an Arizona! I'm so upset right now and I want answers!! Read more

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I 3/4 done with my Arizona Tea and I was drinking it I felt a little legs and so I spit it back out into the drink then dumped it into a bowl to find that a baby roach was in it . I threw up after that shortly .. I'm disgusted that this company will allow such a thing to happen !, never drinking a Arizona tea again !!

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The fruit punch tasted watered down and disgusting

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I brought this juice Arizona to try a different juice, but this 1 gallon Arizona mucho mango, once I took it home, was really bad.It this juice bottle had swollen up and when I opened it and it exploded upward though in a small, in a small way though. And it almost hit my face, and strangely out came a chemical like smoke from the bottle like those that come out of chemicals in science laboratorys. And then along with this dangerous juice, had... Read more

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I've drunk different variations of Arnold Palmer half and half for almost three years now and I love it most of the time. But I really hate the visible specs floating in it, and when I poured my can into an actual glass it was really hard not to noticed the floating pulp or whatever. I assume it just part of the tea or something but it's just kinda gross. I almost just wanna run it through a fine strainer. However, I really like the taste and... Read more

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I found two yellowish clear circular things in my Arizona green tea I'm very confused and disgusted

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I found two yellowish clear slimy circular thing in my Arizona green tea. Very disgusting!!!

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I took a big gulp of the arizona oced tea then i started feeling heart burn bad my stomach was killing me now im neauses bad headache then i poured it out and at the bottom it looked slimy nd smelled like chemicals tasted like meds

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I bought 2gallons of green tea w ginsing Because it listed 0 calories, 0 carbohydrates. I am diabetic. Then at home i noticed it had honey in it and not recommended for diabetics. How can it have zero carbs/calories and have honey in it? It did seem to elevate my blood sugars for the 2 days i drank it. It tastes very good; no mold, but had to dump it.

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I used to love this drink but ever since a month ago, they have a very strange and unfavorable aftertaste. It ruins the whole drink. I've tried to buy it form 2 stores (very close to each other in location) and there was no change. Maybe it's just the green teas over here... 100 words 100 words 100 words 100 words 100 words 100 words 100 words 100 words 100 words 100 words 100 words 100 words 100 words 100 words 100 words 100 words 100 words 100... Read more

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